Each of our products
it is cooked
and prepared
in store.

BFR is born from the desire to reconcile the typical American fast food to the indispensable culinary awareness of Italy.

The need to make a quick meal without sacrificing the quality of the product has led us to create a place where, after a careful selection of raw materials, each product was prepared in store.

Simple, immediate products, capable of making inroads into the palates of the very young, but also of veterans of good and old Italian cuisine.

We wanted to create a place where a mother or father could succumb to their children's temptation to go to a fast food restaurant without having to worry about what their children were eating, knowing that BFR is an Italian project that respects the environment and loves own customers.

Fast food ... Italians too

Come and try us in one of our stores or call us immediately for a home delivery. All the BFR taste is waiting for you.

BFR Gianicolense

Opening time

Sun / Mon: 12:00 / 03:00
Fri / Sat: 12:00 / 05:00

BFR Baldovinetti

Opening time

12:00 / 15:30 e 18:00 / 00:00